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Purpose and Information Source

The document offered here for free download has been created with the goal to facilitata the comparison and the choose of one of the many boaats developed by Thomas Yost in one single place. In the catalog created and presented by us you find all boats that have been developed, built and published in the internet for home-builders by Thomas Yost.

Thomas Yost is a famous and important developer of home-built skin-on-frame kayaks of several kinds, folders and non-folders. His extremely useful instructions supported and still support a lot of people around the globe to build their own personal boat.


The catalog presented here contains all boats developed, built and published by Thomas Yost in alphabetical order according to their respective names. You'll find within their measures, their main characteristics, and their overview drawings, but no offsets, and no building instructions as well. These information can be found on (mirror of the disappeared site - State as of 5.1.2016).

The catalog has been created on the information that can be found in the internet. It is not meant as all complete or all right. The only valid source for information is the material created and published by Thomas Yost himself on the meanwhile disappeared website

Thomas Yost - Boat Catalog (.pdf, 6.5 MB, 69 Pages, A4 Landscape)

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