Foldable Boats



All boats shown here are built by using High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) for cross sections and supports, aluminum tubes for stringers, aluminum sheets for supports, rubber strings to keep tubes together, and lightweight PVC planes for skins and coamings.

These boats can be built too with wood as folder, or as non-folder with plywood panels (stitch and glue method) or wood strips as well. There is no instruction available for building by using one of the alternate methods mentioned above.


Sorted by purpose and in alphabetical order by name.

  • Performance
    • Sea Glider
    • Sea Ranger
    • Sea Raider
    • Sea Rider
    • Sea Rover
  • Touring
    • Sea Otter
    • Sea Cruiser
    • Sea Tour 13
    • Sea Tour 15
    • Sea Tour 17
    • Yarra
  • Children / Small Paddler
    • Sea Flea
    • Sea Otter
    • Sea Pup

And here you can find a complete catalog of all designs.

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