Greek Kypros (Κύπρος), Turk Kıbrıs, Cyprus


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Cyprus is an island in the eastern Mediterranean Sea. The third largest island in the Mediterranean Sea belongs geographically to Asia, but politically is often counted on Europe.

The island has been divided since 1974. The larger southern part is dominated by the Republic of Cyprus, the international law includes the entire island (except for the British military bases). The northern part, however, is under control of the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus which is only recognized by Turkey, which in 1974 occupied the northern military. Between north and south is a buffer zone that divides the "Green Line," the capital, Nicosia, and is monitored and managed by peacekeepers of the United Nations.

On the island are the two British military bases of Akrotiri and Dhekelia, which include international law as enclaves to the UK. For the UK, the possibility of permanent use of the strategically important island has been a condition for the dismissal of Cyprus's independence in 1960.

The Republic of Cyprus has since 1 May 2004 Member State of the European Union (EU). The EU reiterated the claim to power of the Republic of Cyprus over the entire island and accordingly regards the whole of Cyprus as part of the EU territory. In practice, after the failure of the referendum on the Annan Plan on 24 April 2004, the northern part of the island is not in the EU.

On the island you have to drive on the left, a relic of the British occupation.

Local Time

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Coat of Arms




Official Language

Greek, Turk


Euro (€) 1 Euro = 100 Cent (seit dem 1. Januar 2008)
North Cyprus: Turk Lira

Gross Domestic Product
per Inhabitant

29.620 US-$ (2010)

Calling Code


Time Zone

UTC +2


9.251 km²


1.120.489 (2011)


121 Inhabitants per km²


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